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What do you see on the screen when you step back from a computer on a few minutes? Maybe, "dance" of different geometrical figures or large inscription of Windows? Or maybe, it will be the slide-show of rare animals or sporting cars photos? Or, for example, it will be almost real aquarium with floating fishes, or cheerful kitten running on the desktop? Or maybe, you manage with simply black screen with flying white points on it? In all cases, the question is about screensavers.

It is always pleasant to work if atmosphere is favourable. Therefore, desktop enhancement and any desktop gadgets are important for increasing of working capacity and mood. What is screensaver and what is it for? It is special function, which allows disconnecting the indication of display and replacing the static image of monitor screen by a dynamically changing picture through the certain interval of time. Professionally done screensaver executes the function of keyboard lockout like a function "Key lock". It provides assignment of password to exit from screensaver mode.

The first illuminations in the operating systems from Microsoft were simple enough. There are running lines, flying logotypes etc. Than "Kaleidoscopes" appeared, it means screensavers, which work by definite mathematical formulas, providing the construction of image. There were different figures, moving and changing the color, flying planes. The next step in development of screensavers is appearance of technologies which help to construct three-dimensional images.

Exactly after creation of the first three-dimensional games the new class of screen keepers appeared. There are extensional flying texts, figures which turn into each other etc. Screensavers cease already be just pretty moving pictures and execute the most various functions a long time ago. And this is a promotion of performers and films, and advertising.

If you are bored with regular Windows-illuminations, it is time to be curious about original prepared screensavers. Our service can help you herein, where you will find a great variety of charged and free of charge screensavers. On our site you can see the variety of screensavers history of which has begun from simple white points on a black background. Every modern user can find illumination he likes, which makes him happy and smooth over rare minutes of rest. It is only enough to wish, and I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

Except remarkable screensavers and desktop enhancement software, we have other desktop gadgets, such as wallpapers.

What are wallpapers? Wallpapers are an image for desktop design in the graphic operating systems.

Terms «wallpapers» and «picture of desktop» are related to image which is used like background of computer screen. Images which are used as wallpapers of desktop usually are a raster, their size is equal to definition of screen (for example, 1024x768 or 1280x1024 pixels), that allows to fill all screen space.

The most of screen definitions are proportional, thus, images are adjusted to scale, filling screen space with any definition without distortion.
Existence of great number of wallpaper modes for desktop allows everybody to find that, what is responded to his preferences. It can be 3D graphics, pictures, abstraction or photos.
Among basics, it is possible to name the followings categories: nature, erotica, cars, animals, films, anime, celebrities and videogames. Popularity of wallpapers for desktop became the cause of special programs appearance, which simplify and automate changing of images on the screen. The picture can be selected in turn or random, and also through the stated interval of time.

If you are looking for wallpapers of excellent quality, for sure we will help you to find such pictures which become the remarkable decoration of your computer desktop. A huge collection is gathered and presented to your attention on our site. There you will be able to look over and download pictures of excellent quality for your desktop.

If you decide to do desktop enhancement, our service offers VeBest Icon Groups desktop enhancement software, main features of which are: circular and linear groups, space economy and desktop icons management, icon stacks, icon activation animations and scroll, colors and selectable themes. Ve Best Icon Groups provide even more enhanced then object desktop and dock bar functionality, desktop space economy and items management.